Our Approach, Methodologies & Objectives

  • As organization development and human resources specialists we believe in a collaborative, adult-to-adult approach to all of our organization interventions, including training interventions.
  • We use experienced-based, analytical and skill-building methods to help our clients and the client system assume ownership of the change process.
  • We model facilitative behavior, and we establish a framework and supportive environment for confronting differences, for giving and receiving feedback, for trying and practicing new behavior, and risking for the purposes of effecting meaningful change.
  • We believe that any successful intervention must be understood and accepted at all levels;  must  promote long-term responses, and be seen as having value to    individuals as well as to overall organizational effectiveness.

In order to accomplish these ends, we recommend that the client and consultant seek agreement regarding the following:

That all interventions and related activities…

  1. have commitment and direction from the top; from those who not only recognize a need for change, but are willing to reinforce it through their behavior and through the organization’s formal AND informal systems;
  2. be related to the organization’s mission and goals;
  3. address real-life, client-specific issues, concerns, opportunities and limitations;
  4. reflect input from all those who will be affected, and
  5. are cost-justified, in terms of the client organization and its members being able to implement what it has learned.