ChangeSource – Our Working Philosophy

Organization Development

We discovered that some of the best problem solvers and creative decisions come from people within their organizations.

So our task as facilitators, and our successes as consultants, are often a consequence of working collaboratively with our clients to help them to manage the transitions resulting from real time change and to increase their capacity to lead; i.e., to interact more effectively with—and for—each other.

The foundation for building a dynamic, mutually-inspired working relationship begins at the outset when we engage our client in contracting; an open-ended, clarifying process that clearly defines WHO we are and HOW we will work together as equally-responsible partners…in normal as well as challenging times.

Real change—and the desire to achieve it—is an evolving process that is assisted by: a) awareness of one’s potential, value and purpose b) a desire and dedication to goal attainment—regardless of ensuing obstacles, and c) an openness to feedback, timely input, and d) change-ability; the ability to assess a situation and change, or flex, accordingly in order to succeed.

As a partner we strive to create and maintain a mutually open climate of exchange; to provide timely technical support and feedback, and to share the challenges along with the successes in meeting established goals.

This, we believe, is the nature of a true working partnership.

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