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To “be” the change I want to see in the world….” Is a guiding principle we at ChangeSource seek to instill within our client-partners, and to reinforce with each other.

It is another way of saying that “the source of every meaningful change I desire is within me; that I am responsible for the change that I want to happen, and that, collectively, we can make a change in the world.”

Being the change source reflects individual leadership; that special quality or developed capacity that compels me to find answers, engage others and seek solutions from within, as well as with all others who have a stake in the outcome.

Being the change – as opposed to reacting to the change or resisting to it fosters responsible behavior, engages thoughtful dialogue and brings us together to solve problems and create meaningful solutions.

Men and women from different backgrounds and nationalities from all over the world have proven time and time again to be the source for influencing and creating significant change.  We can each name individuals and groups who have (1) dramatically changed the way people communicate and receive information, (2) altered our self-perception and how we perceive and interact with diverse others and (3) overcome negative stereotypes and repression and become national and international leaders and statespersons.

Being the change I want to see in the world, however, is not easy.  But the consequences of being (the change) is transformational and the results enduring!

Real change occurs as a result of the courage, will power, tenacity and clarity of purpose expressed by individuals who invited or challenged others to envision and seek a better world for themselves, their children and people everywhere.