Welcome to ChangeSource, Inc.


We are a collaborative of men and women representing diverse, yet interrelated disciplines, generations, backgrounds, life and work experiences, and who are committed to:

  • Listening to hear fully our clients’ concerns, needs and expectations;
  • Engaging our clients and their people to define and clarify their mission, goals and objectives, and
  • Working with the client system to achieve them.

CHANGESOURCE Disciplines—which we apply to non-profit and for-profit clients alike—include Human Resources Management,Capacity Building, Leadership Development, and Organization Development (OD).

CHANGESOURCE Skills, Tools and Strategies include: 1) the management of differences through 2) Process Consulting, and 3) Dialogue (vs Discussion) to facilitate productive communications. To generate insights for identifying assessing and solving problems the tools of 4) Force Field Analysis and 5) Survey/Diagnosis/Feedback intervention, help to engage relevant others in active resolution and collaboration.

And while 6) Team Building and 7) Team Effectiveness Training can foster group cohesion and create individual and groups effectiveness, the technology of 8) Participatory Strategic Planning can jump-start an organization-wide change effort by moving it’s people fast-forward, together!

CHANGESOURCE consultants have a combined 80-plus years of working with large and small organizations. We use our experience, expertise and talents to service the unique needs of our diverse client base, nationwide.

How do we initiate and engage with our clients?

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